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>To enroll in driver education course:
-Student has to be 15 years of age to enroll in class.  We don't need any paper work when
  ​you come to class. 

​>To get permit: Students have Two options: 
1. After completing the classroom instruction (10 hours)​, go to DPS and take your written

2.​​  NEW>>Complete our entire program, 10 hours of class and 6 hours of  Driving,
                   ​take your Completion Certificate to DPS and they will waive the written Test.

-Students must  be 15 1/2  and enrolled in driver ​education.  At DPS you must show two
      ​forms of ID, and have 8th ​grade reading test (get from your public school), plus your
     ​ Student Contract(from ​Driving School).

​>To get license:

1. You have to go through a driver education course.

2. 10 hours of classroom instruction from state certified driver      
     ​education course.

3. 6 hours of behind the wheel instruction from state certified driving

4. Everybody must get a permit no matter your age.  If your under 18 you must
   ​ keep permit 6 months before your eligible to​
 take a Driving Test.  If your over
   ​18 you must ​keep that permit for 30 days before your eligible to take a
    ​Driving Test.

​5. The Department of Public Safety determines yourmonth period
    from when you receive your permit, not from your Birth date.

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